Our Initiatives

Parental Rights in Education

The Coalition of Virtue has been a key organizer, in partnership with groups like the Family Rights for Religious Freedom (frrfusa.org) and others, in grassroots mobilizing and advocating for parental rights in the public school system. Specifically in Montgomery County, Maryland. COV was involved in galvanizing Muslim and non-Muslim parents, students, and other stakeholders to rally and attend a public hearing on June 6, calling for the restoration of the right for parents to opt their children out of religiously objectionable curriculum.

Spreading the Message

Coalition of Virtue gained national attention through its value-driven (rather than partisan-driven) approach regarding the issue of sexual orientation and gender identity instruction and has served as a uniting force for practicing Muslims and Christians (and members of other faith communities) on the basis of religious conviction, rather than political affiliation.

Educating Parents

Parents are often left in the dark when it comes to the education of their children, especially around sexual orientation and gender identity materials. Learn more from our latest write-up: Montgomery County Fact Sheet

What is being taught to your children?

Here are some works that are being taught in public school classrooms. Because these works are being read outside of official sex-education classes, parents have been effectively barred from opting their children out of such materials. Below are some books that are currently being read to elementary-aged children. 

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Age: 3 to 5 Years

Pride Puppy: A young girl and lesbian parents attend a pride parade. Each page contains a letter of the alphabet and corresponding words. The end of the book challenges students to find pictures of words like “drag queen”, “underwear”, and “intersex (flag)”. 

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Age: 4 to 8 years

Uncle Bobby’s Wedding: Young Chloe attends Uncle Bobby’s Wedding, where he is betrothed to another man, Jaime. 

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Age: 3 to 10 years

Prince and Knight: The prince isn’t interested in marrying any of the ladies in the kingdom, so he decides to leave to consider his future. The prince meets a brave knight, and both realize they are perfect for one another. The king and queen are so happy their son has found true love.

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Age: 4 to 8 years

Love, Violet: Violet daydreams about taking her friend Mira on heroic adventures. “As far as Violet was concerned…only one [classmate] made Violet’s heart skip.” As Valentine’s Day approaches, Violet decides that a handmade card is the perfect way to show Mira just how special she is.

We Need Your Support

In order to dedicate resources to standing up for parental rights in education, we need your continued help and support. Learn how you can get involved or support us however you are able.